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San Polo 1491

Euro 347.400,00


This is a building, externally maintained normal, with supporting structure in masonry, roof cover with brick tiles and exterior finishes with painted civil plaster. The building is spread over four floors land, and consists of two upper floors and a store on the ground floor. Intrinsic features: It is a real estate unit, located in San Polo sestiere with promiscuous access from Calle del Magazen to 1491. The apartment overlooks Calle of Magazen and Campiello dei Meloni and has a good brightness overall. It it develops on the second, third and fourth floor and consists of: or second floor (varying heights between 2.63 mt and 2.66 mt): entrance and three rooms of which one of a small size; or third floor (varying heights between 2.46m and 2.52m): small disengagement, two rooms, kitchen and bathroom accessible from the same; or fourth floor: attic accessible from a fixed wooden staircase placed in the smaller compartment on the third floor. The accommodation has the following finishes and technological facilities: or pavement: in granite marble, Venetian terrace, tiles of ceramic and linoleum; or walls: painted in civilian environments, tiled in sanitation and in the kitchen; or internal doors: in wood painted with oil enamel; or interior fixtures: in wood painted with glassware; or obscure: painted wood. Toiletries are equipped with washbasin, bidet, shower and water. The unit is not equipped with heating system, the electrical system has to be completely restored; in the kitchen is equipped with a gas heater for the production of hot water intake directed by the environment. In view of the above, unity, in general, is subject to conditions poor maintenance.