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€ 650,000
bedrooms: 3 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 0 110 SQM
bedrooms: 3 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 0 110 SQM
€ 2,000,000
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 0 158 SQM
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 0 158 SQM
€ 950,000
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 1 half bathrooms: 138 mq
Ref. 3642 - CANNAREGIO - Miracoli
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 1 half bathrooms: 138 mq
€ 1,550,000
bedrooms: 4 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 250 mq
ref. 3606 - Ref. 3606- SAN POLO - Frari 1
bedrooms: 4 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 250 mq
€ 285,000
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 67 mq
ref. 3598 - Ref. 3598 - LIDO DI VENEZIA - S. Antonio
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 67 mq
€ 570,000
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 1 120 mq
Ref. 3647 - DORSODURO - Carmini
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 1 120 mq
€ 345,000
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 1 half bathrooms: 75 mq
Ref. 3646 - CANNAREGIO - Guglie
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 1 half bathrooms: 75 mq
€ 295,000
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 1 half bathrooms: 55 mq
Ref. 3645 - CANNAREGIO - San Marcuola
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 1 half bathrooms: 55 mq

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Savour an ice-cream while the gondolier gently sinks the oar into the lagoon, pushing the boat into the Canal Grande is one of the pleasures to which those visiting Venice cannot absolutely give up. But Venice, is not just about canals, historical buildings and gondoliers, the fascination that the former Maritime Republic exerts on both visitors and those who have decided to stay there or periodically spend part of their free time, is due to a combination of several factors. Culture, architecture and tradition certainly make Venice a coveted destination for tourists from all over the world, but even the quality of life, enhanced by the high standards of organization, is a reason for addiction to the city. Venezia Canal Grande

Efficient transport and optimal quality of life

Among the things to be appreciated in the lagoon centre, the organization of transport should certainly be considered. The municipal administration must in fact be able to respond to different needs and to remedy the inconveniences caused by the particular urban planning, sometimes also subject to sudden changes. The winter alluvions and the consequent floods, have caused considerable damage in the past, deviating or, in the most serious cases, completely erasing roads that were normally travelled. In order not to succumb to these problems, it is therefore vital to give the right priority to careful management of public transport and existing lines, making the most of the alternatives offered by water transport. This explains why many investments and liquidity injections from various commercial sectors are used in public transport.

Tourist subscription

For example, the tourist pass is just one of the possibilities offered to the pedestrian. It allows you to move freely between the canals and the beauties of the city, on board of ferries and similar boats. By consulting the municipality’s website you can find all the necessary information about this subscription.

The Venice card

It is ideal for longer periods of stay. The cost is € 40 and must be requested expressly by presenting a document at the tourist office. It allows to significantly reduce the costs for daily trips on water.

Land transport

The cost of the monthly pass for water buses plus urban transport on the mainland, varies between 28 and 35 euros, depending on the journey. Among the many possibilities, there is also the purchase of a carnet including multiple rides, that can be consumed at will. Knowing the various lines is fundamental for those who intend to move and live in Venice. For this purpose, the ACTV website provides all the updates and news related to timetables and lines.

Eating in Venice

The characteristic of the Venetian culinary offer, in addition to the variety of tastes and the large number of delicacies that it includes, consists of the plurality of places of refreshment, located in every corner of the magical city. Not only restaurants, but also dozens of taverns are present, the so-called Bacari, and small cafes scattered throughout the streets of the former Maritime Republic, allow each tourist to choose whether to have a quick snack or a full meal. The cicheti (small snacks or side dish), samplings of baccalà (a typical salty fish), sardines, fruit, vegetables, cured meats and local cheeses, on the style of Spanish tapas, represent the right compromise between a lunch and a flying snack.

The Venetian cuisine

Always accompanied by excellent wine, the Venetian gastronomy includes many tasty recipes, mainly based on fish. From steamed sea bass, “Carlina” scampi, pumpkin gnocchi, radish soup to the Doge risotto (Casanova’s favourite dish according to tradition). All dishes are distinguished by the right combination of simplicity and refinement, combinations that are difficult to find in other cuisines.

The restaurants

There is a restaurant for each possible taste in Venice, refined, cheap or medium-priced, they will all have one thing in common: hospitality. Hospitality and courtesy are in fact the prerogatives of many restaurateurs present in the area.

  • Riviera: With the Dorsoduro and the Giudecca canal in the background, it lends itself to romantic dinners, proposing typical dishes embellished with herbs and aromas of the territory.
  • La Colombina: Located in the heart of Venice, selects the ingredients carefully, making sure to respect its philosophy of Km 0.
  • Ristorante taverna dei Dogi: It is one of the most famous and prestigious in Venice. The dishes prepared by expert chefs vary every day, proposing the ancient flavours of the Veneto region.
  • Ristorante alla Conchiglia: Located a few steps away from Piazza San Marco, can boast an excellent menu based on fish and other specialties difficult to find in other restaurants.
  • Trattoria al Vaporetto: Between Rialto and San Marco, offers dishes based on meat, but also fish and the most diverse soups.
  • Osteria agli artisti: In the Dorsoduro district, it is known for its always different menu, the courtesy of the service and the extreme variety of fresh and seasoned cheeses available.
  • La Palanca: Small and welcoming, it is considered one of the best for what concerns wines and typical local products.
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