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House for sale in Taormina

The tourist image of Taormina, his singular and unique landscape and environment, business is certainly not the simplest. Consider that this charming city in the province of Messina has been a model since the 18th century, as a practical and experimental laboratory for what is now referred to simply as tourism promotion. The image of Taormina and its fascinating and wonderful surroundings, remains steadfast and tangible evidence to the very essence and sublime nature of an unmistakable Mediterranean and its irresistible power of attraction. The resort overlooks the immense panorama of the Ionian Sea, overlooking the Strait coast of Calabria, until the profile of Etna. The town of Taormina itself is located 204 meters and can be reached with a comfortable scenic road, which connects the motorway and the highway. Another tourist opportunities is offered by cable car, which departs from the coastal resort of Mazzaro. Due to its geographical position and its beauty, both for the natural environment that surrounds him, both for the extraordinary value of a landscape, between the richest and most complete that can be imagined, Taormina ranks, after due consideration, among the most famous tourist resorts in the Mediterranean area. Its old town, picturesque as unusually clean and tidy, contains numerous buildings and vestiges of the past, Hellenistic, Roman and medieval, silent witnesses of an ancient history. It is crowded all year round by crowds of visitors from various backgrounds and nationalities, always attracted by the elegance of the shops and the friendly atmosphere of local restaurants and nightspots. The footprint and architectural monuments of the town goes hand in hand with its long history, from greek theater Odeon Hellenistic, the traces of the Roman period such as Naumachie, a nymph of the monumental imperial period, to reach the Middle Ages. For this period are preserved parts of the walls and the Castle. The footprint of the houses and medieval buildings and in accordance with Board of architectures that evaluates buildings of rare beauty. The calendar of events in Taormina is large. The town of Taormina offers almost out of class events throughout the year. Of course, summer is the peak season of events in Taormina. With its great climate most of the shows are outdoors and are presented at places of particular beauty, like the ancient Greek theater, the atmosphere which makes the events an 'unforgettable experience. The most important events in the calendar are undoubtedly Taormina Taormina Filmfest and The Taormina Arte. The many lovers of painting in Taormina back every year to see the art exhibitions on the high level of well-known international artists.

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