A land of nymphs and sea monsters, fairies and heroes. A land of magic and sorcery, sung by D'Annunzio, celebrated by nineteenth century British travelers: Reggio Calabria feeds its magic, suspended between dream and reality ... Projected into a future Mediterranean, retains all the reassuring warmth of the town of the province and the attractive charm of the resort. The landscape, vegetation, colors, the scent of orange blossom and bergamot: the Mediterranean of Reggio Calabria shows a surprising variety of suggestions. The promenade is the perfect synthesis: an apotheosis of palms, ficus trees, rare tropical species and exotic, just a few meters from the shoreline, one of the most enchanting in the world. Between nature and history, culture and traditions, fun and curiosity. A journey to discover the city of Fata Morgana (natural phenomenon that creates a magical vision, in particularly hot days and calm sea, the city of Messina projecting its image on the waters of the Strait appear suspended over the water, closer to shore Reggina , creating a unique fusion of image between the two cities). Reggio Calabria is a city of art and science, jealous of the inheritance of a glorious past but looking towards a future of development and progress.

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