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OLIVE GROVE / Company for sale producer of italian olive oils in Ragusa - Italy



The company is located in the territory of Chiaramonte Gulfi (province of Ragusa) in the district Piano Zacchi. It has an extension of 14 hectares, with about 2800 olive trees, of which 1000 are of the variety "Moresca" and 1800 of the variety "Tonda Iblea". Irrigation system with underground polyethylene pipes brings water to each tree. The company enjoys DOP and Biological certifications. The product oil has exceptional quality characteristics due mainly to the climate, the variety of olives and the peculiarities of the soil. There are part of the property: 1) a garage of about 90 square meters, where there is a tractor of 100 horses with three years of seniority and various cultivating accessories (rippers, polydisks, trunks, trailers, atomizers and combs For collection, about 150 cassettes, new nets, cart and tank for 2000 liters of oil); 2)120 sqm building where 60 sqm is used as residence (bedroom, living room, mezzanine, kitchen and bathroom) and another 60 sqm used as storing for the products (50 quintile stainless steel silo And filling system complete with filler, capping and labeling); The room is air-conditioned. The building is equipped with a modern and efficient anti-theft system. On request, would be given the brand, label and customer list.