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Why buy a house in Venice?

The former maritime republic, crossroads of channels and cultures, continues to enchant all who visit it. Venice is the symbol of romanticism par excellence. For its artistic and cultural heritage, together with its characteristic urban configuration, the former maritime republic (known as the Serenissima) is considered one of the world’s most beautiful cities and the perfect place to move to. Strolling among its gothic, neoclassical and Art Nouveau mansions or crossing the lagoon in a gondola or vaporetto is an experience all visitors would like to repeat and will hold in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

Living in Venice

Settling in Venice means above all choosing which Venice you want to live in, island Venice or mainland Venice. The historic city centre built in the middle of the well-known lagoon is, in fact, one of the largest in Europe, distributed across a total of 118 small islands. This is one of the reasons living in Venice can turn out to be a unique experience. The city we admire today is the product of years of slow transformations, following progressive driving of piles into the seabed and consequent building. As well as considering the city’s unique architectural qualities, if you decide to move to Venice, you must be prepared for a constant confrontation with the omnipresent mix of past and modern innovation and to meet very different cultures and traditions in a relatively small area.

Houses and flats in Venice

Venice contains numerous buildings and mansions with high artistic and historical value. Even when the architectural importance may seem lower, this is often compensated for by rich internal decorations embellishing the ceilings and courtyards. Buying a house in Venice means making a prestigious investment in an area where a precise and above all respected planning scheme prohibits the construction of additional housing.

Flats in Venice

Flats in Venice are almost always attractive and in good conditions. From the Renaissance period, they may sometimes offer a spectacular view over the canal, or in any case over a highly evocative cityscape of roofs and gothic decorations.