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Flats in Paris: houses for sale in areas from PrestigeInternational

Are you looking for a house or flat in Paris? Discover the numerous proposals offered by a prestigious estate agency! Prestige International offers numerous dream houses and flats in Paris. Whether as an investment or a second home, choose the best: put your trust in Professione Casa from Prestige International, an agency respected and established internationally.

Flats in Paris

Paris is a great place to buy a house! Why? For those coming to the capital for the first time, finding flats in Paris is no easy task. Paris is, in fact, France's largest city with a vast metropolitan area extending from the centre and the satellite districts for more than 14,000 km2. It is the 20th largest urban nucleus in the world with a total GNP, until a few years ago, higher than that of Australia. Flats in Paris, whether located in elegant ivory white neocolonial or Liberty style buildings, in modern skyscrapers or in splendid 18th-century mansions may reach very high prices. It is therefore advisable to consider all alternatives before coming to a decision.

Houses and flats for sale in Paris city centre

Houses and flats for sale in central Paris are famous for being almost unaffordable. Living outside the city or in a suburban district certainly means saving on the investment, but at the same time you may not enjoy to the full the conveniences offered by the city’s abundant services and infrastructure dedicated to improving the lives of its citizens. Houses and flats for sale in Paris city centre are therefore evaluated differently - not just for their Bohemian charm, but above all for the practicality of getting around. Looking for a house or flat in Paris.

Buying a house or flat in Paris

Buying a house or flat in Paris may be a farsighted investment. Depending on your needs, the so-called "Ville Lumière” (City of Light) offers various solutions, in working-class, chic or middle-class districts. Apart from the areas with a bad reputation, to be rigorously avoided particularly during the night, Paris is not an excessively dangerous city. When buying a house or flat in Paris, the twenty arrondissements into which the urban area is divided, each with their respective tourism and cultural attractions, can help identify the most interesting areas.

Living in Paris

Many people dream of living in Paris, the centre of the French speaking world and seat of all French institutions and financial organisations. The works of art and street markets make each day full of life and never boring. Given the great demand, to live in Paris European citizens who are not French must have a guarantor who vouches for their financial credibility. Property owners will, in fact, want to take precautions against possible unpleasant situations by choosing the most reliable buyer. Once this is done, it is all downhill.

Investing in Paris

Investing in Paris is worthwhile. The certainty of a value which can only grow over time thanks to the stimuli coming from a varied and multicultural urban environment makes the property investment market particularly attractive.

Contact our consultants and ask for more information by calling 0039 041 27 50 993 or send an e-mail to info@prestigeinternational.com