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Wire Consulting New York The Cipriani Building 25 Broadway, 9th Floor
10004 New York, NY USA

tel : 001 347 446 4937
fax : 001 347 446 4937

For information in Italy

Wire Consulting Via Pescheria Vecchia, 1
30174 Venezia VE Italia

tel : 0039 041 27 50 993
fax : 0039 041 300 11 82

For information in UK

Wire Consulting Londra



New York

New York City is an unrivaled place to live and work. 

From finance to technology to hospitality, it is the epicenter of global business, offering endless opportunity.

The diverse population of Manhattan and the outer boroughs augments the city’s broader culture as well.  It truly is America’s “melting pot” and “city that never sleeps.”  Not only can one enjoy any type of food at all hours of the day, but they can also frequent academic, artistic and musical performances hosted by a variety of communities and institutions. 

However, it is New York City’s real estate that sets it most apart from the rest of the world.  The juxtaposition of its history and innovation is beautiful, and the market has proved to be incredibly resilient in recent years, making it ripe for investment.