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Buying a house in Berlin

Berlin, federal capital of the German State, is a city with a thousand architectural faces. This is why flats there are particularly sought after and hundreds of investors from all over the world have chosen to buy a house in Berlin. An important trading centre since it was founded, Berlin passed through a period of decline during the Cold War, to then make a comeback after the fall of the Wall, becoming a definitive success with its institutional structures, a driving services sector and a cutting-edge transport system.

Houses and flats for sale in Berlin

In a period of economic uncertainty such as this, making a safe investment can be of fundamental importance and, as we have seen, the federal capital can be very convincing from this point of view. Flats for sale in Berlin, in fact, represent a guarantee both from a bureaucratic point of view as they are protected by European legislation and financially, as the metropolis offers highly advantageous opportunities. Although the dizzying collapse of prices which followed the fall of the Wall in the decade between 1994 and 2004 has stopped and there is now an upward trend, the prices of flats in Berlin are still highly competitive.

Flats in Berlin

This is one of Europe's most dynamic cities and finding flats in Berlin is an opportunity not to be missed. Thanks to tourism and the transport, educational and health systems, together with a lively music scene which contributes to the economic development of the city, living in Berlin is without doubt an experience to be tried.

Investing in Berlin

The city is attractive and a tempting place to buy property not just because of its various souls, each associated with a particular memory or district thanks to its history packed with events, but also for the flourishing economy which distinguishes it. The earnings from investments in Berlin are potentially high as the German city is not just a nerve centre for growth, but also offers a wide portfolio of potential paying tenants.

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