Playa del Carmen

Among the numerous reasons why investing in the Riviera Maya is a winning business, the natural beauty and weather and environmental conditions are certainly the most important ones.
The Riviera Maya boasts crystal clear water with several hues of blue, endless white sand beaches, the second longest coral barrier in the world, cenotes, natural parks, protected areas and some of the most fascinating pre-Columbian archaeological sites in all Central America. When it comes to the climate, the average minimum water temperature is never below 77o F and the air temperature below 73oF (while the average maximum temperatures
are 88oF and 84oF respectively). This makes perfect beach vacations all year round (the Riviera Maya is actually one of the few places in the world where one can take a swim even during the coldest winter days…)
It is also important to mention the presence of a major international airport (Cancun) with daily flight from the main US cities ( Miami, New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta, to name a few) as well as from Canada ( Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto). There are also numerous weekly flights from most western Europe capitals (London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Amsterdam, Zurich, Berlin, Brussels) and other important major cities of the old continent (Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Manchester, Milan…)
Due to the above, the Riviera Maya enjoys a constant tourist flow, which has created over the past few years, a high and attractive value for real estate investment, that ranges from 6 or 7% to 10 or 12% (of the net cost), and that can vary depending on the initial investment and the type of product. There is also a better ratio between the price and distance to the sea than in the other tourist destinations of the European Mediterranean, Florida, California, the Canary Islands and the Caribbean itself.
Finally, it is important to mention that both the cities of Cancun and Playa del Carmen have experienced the highest demographic growth in Latin America.

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Monaco 3 Bedroom House

Live in one of the best residential in Playa del Carmen, unique in the area to include a sports club of the most complete. It is located just 4 minutes from the access to Xcaret Park, 10 minutes from Fifth Avenue. The Residencial offers private facilities with communal pool, Palapa for events ...

Querido Tulum, Located in Aldea Zamá.

$200,000 USD
Querido Tulum is inside Aldea Zamá, an exclusive development that combines the majesty of the area where it is located, the climate, the vegetation and the power to decide without problem between going to the beach or the center of the town that is less than 2 kilometers . There are 38 apartm ...

Sabor a Miel 17 units on the sea at Playa del Carmen

Cocktails by the beach, a soft melody lulls the evening, and you dip your feet in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, while the sun in the sky remind us how lucky we are. That’s our definition of lifestyle. To wake up in the mornings and smile calmly knowing you made the best decision: ...