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House for sale in Parma

Parma is a city full of grace, where the atmosphere is refined, from a small capital. Its center, rich in artistic masterpieces, large green areas, large and small treasures from different periods, welcomes tourists and citizens and holds them gently. Parma, in many ways, is still like a small capital, as it has been for several centuries. The feeling can be felt both along its streets and squares, visiting its monuments or by looking into his elegant lifestyle. This derives, in addition to its historic capital of the duchy of the Farnese and Bourbon and Marie Louise of Austria, second wife of Napoleon, also rich in cultural traditions, still kept alive by the University, the institutions and culture from the great musical tradition of his people. Do not forget, in fact, that we are in the land of Giuseppe Verdi and the Teatro Regio di Parma has an audience among the most competent but also among the most critical and demanding in the field of music. The remarkable economic and industrial potential in several areas, but that stands out more in the food and goes well with the rich tradition of local products and the province, such as his famous sausages and prosciutto di Parma, to arrive at the dairy Dairy and the famous Parmigiano-Reggiano. But Parma is not only the city, its monuments, its cultural and musical tradition. Parma is also the province, its territory, the endless resources that make up the crown: a varied landscape that lies between the Po and the Apennines, with small villages rich in history and vitality, castles, churches medieval and theaters. Lower, which covers the towns of Mezzani, Sorbie, Trecasali Polesine and has inspired with its mists and quarrelsome character of its inhabitants and Bernardo Bertolucci Guareschi. Here the culture of the land and the processing of pig meat are turned into true works of culinary art with ancient traditions, but there are also architectural masterpieces like the castle of Rossi S. Second, the Colorno with its extensive gardens, the castle of Fontanellato Rocca Meli Lupi di Soragna and the Cistercian abbey of Fontevivo.

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