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bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 73 mq
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bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 3 half bathrooms: 183 mq
ref. PSU1250 - Eiffel Tower Bosquet Noble Floor
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bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 1 half bathrooms: 46 mq
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 1 half bathrooms: 46 mq

House for sale in Paris


Paris and the allurement of the Île-de-France

A tour in Paris is definitely well worthy! Other than the Louvre, the Tour Eiffel, the Champs-Elysées, the Arc de Triomphe and the Trocadero, the most popular and visited destinations by tourists from all over the world, the French capital city is also known for the neighbourhoods loaded by Bohemian charm, the authenticity of its views and its mundane life.

Tourists by chance in the capital

In order to suggest a list of less known routes, but at the same time unmissable, it would impossible not to mention the market of used book, dislocated along the Seine, almost to mark a literary journey on the water. Walking on the river and plunging into reading, helps to understand why authors like Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Proust and many others like them, have remained bonded to the city. Likewise, also the flower market in Loiuse Lepine square, with its local and international fragrances, and the Monceau park, historical and cultural site, of emblematic importance for the sculptures that it hosts, easily lend themselves to the setting of novels and exciting love stories.

Mundane life

Starting from Tour Eiffel, passing through Monparnasse and Monmatre, the French capital offers a variety of mundane alternatives. Each evening could be different and equally unforgettable: multi-ethnic clubs, discos and more or less accessible bistros are located throughout the urban area. For what concerns food, the variety concerns both the preparation of the numerous dishes and the quality. The French cuisine is in fact known for the colourful mix of Maghreb and northern European influences, as well as for the delicacy of genuine flavours, that can be both sophisticated and simple.

The most desired restaurants

  1. Le Bristol:

    Elegant, refined, it is one of the most renowned and prestigious bistros in the French capital. Located in the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the heart of the Parisian fashion and art centre, has no rivals in terms of class. By somebody, however, it is still considered too pretentious.

  2. Le Cinq:

    Original and forefront in its own majesty, offers its customers large spaces, but intimacy and warmth at the same time. The feeling is to dine in an ancient castle with a Renaissance flavour, with the typical furnishings of Sun King era. The most famous chefs and sommeliers from all over the world are gathered here.

  3. 1000 &1 Signes:

    it is the most famous Moroccan in Paris. Anyone who loves Maghreb’s food and culture, cannot avoid this extrasensory experience made of chorba, couscous, fish and spicy season vegetables.

  4. Bistrotters:

    The motto chosen by the owners "the pleasure of pleasure", is thought in order to indicate a welcoming and reliable place, that reserves the maximum attention to the client and his needs. The dishes are all extremely researched, and the ingredients are carefully chosen by experts in the field, in order to satisfy also the most refined and capricious palates.


With a detailed city plan in front, also available online ( , and a map of the transport lines present in the urban area, we can identify that the main connection channels, used by the Parisians are: the subway, the RER (Regional express train network), the bus service, the funicular and the trams. Here are the most popular tourist solutions

  • Parise Visite 1,2,3,5: subscription to public transport limited to only one area. The number indicates the duration of validity (max 5 days).
  • Mobilis 1,2: valid only in one area (max 2 days), but not for airport connections.
  • Orlybus/Rossybus: Shuttle service, available from Orly and Charle De Gaulle airports respectively.
  • Carnet 10 ticket +: valid for metro, Rer, Bus, tram, funicular.

The natives instead prefer to move by bike, and in case the place is not accessible on two wheels, they subscribe to weekly or monthly subscriptions. The Passe Navigo Dècouverte is used by both extemporaneous visitors and by students less accustomed to physical activity, while the Passe Navigo is intended only for residents and workers of the capital.


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