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bedrooms: bathrooms: half bathrooms: 4,000 sqmt
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bedrooms: bathrooms: half bathrooms: 4,000 sqmt

House for sale in Padua

Padua, one of the major cities of the Veneto region , is known throughout the world as the city of St. Anthony, who lived for some years and died in this Venetian city . A big boost to the urban configuration of Padova began in the thirteenth century , with signs still discernible in the University , in the Palace of Reason and the Basilica del Santo. The traces of the ancient medieval structure of the city are testified by the fourteenth-century walls , which today are only visible on the Porta Altinate and the Ponte Molino , while the sixteenth-century walls are the best preserved and are one of the best examples of medieval architecture. The walls enclose the inside the historic center of the city, which is dotted with precious monuments; above all the Caffè Pedrocchi, famous all over the world, and places and buildings of considerable interest: from the beautiful Prato della Valle to the many old buildings , churches and museums.


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