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Living Area 4.000 sq mt
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Villa Roberti

Trattativa riservata

ref. Villa Roberti

Built on the ruins of a castle of the mid 1300’s from which one can still recognise the original 13th century tower and the colonnade on the opposite side, this splendid Veneto villa is for sale and is surely a magnificent example of a villas from the Renaissance in this area. This residence which was completed in mid 1500’s by the illustrious architect Da Valle is characterized by its original planimetry and by its frescos and the fanlights which are of particular relevance. The first is particular for its long rectangular shape where the entrance loggia is embodied as one of the shorter sides of the building. The long and narrow hall divides the residence in two perfectly symmetrical parts (front and back). Different changes in the structure of this Veneto villa were constructed in the 1700’s, in order to conform to the taste of the time and to new requirements, such as the dislocation of the granary form the first floor to the colonnade, the demolition of the outside staircase, replaced by a new larger stairway, and finally the construction of an indoor ice-room which was never completed. The villa was therefore made more sumptuous and this can be noted also by the four outside turrets and by the indoor grand hall which was used for concerts and as a ballroom. The indoor frescos area also of great importance: if the outdoor décor of this Veneto villa is almost all lost, the interiors are well preserved with a series of frescos dating around the mid 1500’s with mythological representations; a precious work of the illustrious Veneto painters like Zeloti and Fasolo. Also the renown Paolo Veronese has worked on the décor of this villa for sale: in fact the decorations of the fanlights are attributed to this artist. Many works of modernization and alterations date back to the 1700’s; the parkland on the other hand has been left unaltered and is still today an English style garden. Characterised by a fish pond, soft hills, a conservatory, an ice house in the woods, and by a cottage for the gardener, these typically romantic English qualities have made this a celebrated park since its creation. On the outside the 15th century colonnade is outstanding, characterized by eight arches supported by columns with capitals and internally by two wonderful fireplaces of the Renaissance. A wonderful example of what used to be the Renassance in Venice: an expression of luxury, richness and prestige, this Veneto villa for sale is surely testimony of the beauty and architecture in Veneto during the Renaissance.

Type of building:
Villa Veneta