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District focus on New York’s East Village

New York City’s diverse and stylish East Village neighborhood may have lost some of its radical edge – as a true center of counterculture – but the area in Manhattan that lies north of the Lower East Side, east of Greenwich Village and south of Gramercy Park and Stuyvesant Town is still one of the city’s most liveable neighborhoods and remnants of its spirited past still remain.

A brief history of the East Village


The blocks east of the Bowery between Houston and 14th Streets form the inexhaustible grid of apartment buildings, clubs, bars, bookshops, cafes and galleries that make up the East Village, which was given its name in the mid-1960s. Before this time, it was simply the northern part of the Lower East Side.


Visitors to this neighborhood still feel as welcome as always and its longstanding laid-back attitude has been preserved since the writers, musicians, artists, political radicals, intellectuals, performers began to flock here in the 1950s and ‘60s.


Nowadays, it is home to crowds of young professionals and more affluent residents, but before the artists and bohemians moved in, it was the settling place of many Irish, German, Italian, Ukrainian, Polish and Jewish immigrants.

A unique character


While it is not as “edgy” and “gritty” as it once was, the East Village is still considered to be a safe and comfortable place in which to live, with its local inhabitants keen to hold on to the area’s architectural, historical and cultural identity. By walking in one of the area’s many parks and gardens, you will notice how this is still an area where people from all walks of life converge.


Within the umbrella of the East Village, you will find a variety of smaller vibrant communities, each with their own character. Alphabet, City, Loisaida, St. Mark’s Place and even the Bowery sport a diverse mix of properties, with everything from small two bedroom apartments to luxury condominiums.


Epitomising “downtown cool”, New York City’s East Village is an income and ethnically diverse area with a vibrant nightlife (boasting the highest concentration of bars in the city), high restaurant density and plenty to attract those looking to invest in property here. It is not a cheap place to buy a home, but for somewhere that caters to all tastes, you won’t find many other downtown districts that can provide as much as the East Village has to offer.


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