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$ 970,000
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 1 985 sqft
ref. A11170540 - BIJOU BAY HARBOR - 9521 E Bay Harbor Dr # 706, Bay Harbor Islands FL 33154 706
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 1 985 sqft
$ 750,000
bedrooms: bathrooms: half bathrooms: NA
ref. A11182138 - 4530 NW 17th Ave, Miami FL 33142
bedrooms: bathrooms: half bathrooms: NA
$ 1,350,000
bedrooms: 3 bathrooms: 3 half bathrooms: 0 2,340 sqft
ref. A11186831 - oceania - 16400 NE Collins Ave # 646, Sunny Isles Beach FL 33160 646
bedrooms: 3 bathrooms: 3 half bathrooms: 0 2,340 sqft
$ 2,750
bedrooms: bathrooms: half bathrooms: NA
ref. A11192248 - 13499 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami FL 33181 CU105
bedrooms: bathrooms: half bathrooms: NA
$ 2,750,000
bedrooms: bathrooms: half bathrooms: NA
ref. A11192208 - 369 N Royal Poinciana Blvd, Miami Springs FL 33166
bedrooms: bathrooms: half bathrooms: NA
$ 690,000
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 0 1,020 sqft
ref. A11179803 - 5350 PARK CONDO - 5350 NW 84th Ave # 2012, Doral FL 33166 PH 2012
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 0 1,020 sqft
$ 50,000
bedrooms: bathrooms: half bathrooms: NA
ref. A11191937 - MONTURA RANCH ESTATES - 615 N JINETE ST, Other City - In The State Of Florida FL 33440
bedrooms: bathrooms: half bathrooms: NA
$ 2,850,000
bedrooms: 8 bathrooms: 7 half bathrooms: 1 8,331 sqft
ref. A11183959 - REDLAND VRBO AND EVENT - 15225 SW 210th St, Miami FL 33187
bedrooms: 8 bathrooms: 7 half bathrooms: 1 8,331 sqft

House for sale in Miami


Miami, a city grown upon tourism and infrastructures

The name Miami, as history books teach us, is somehow connected to water. The city, first in Florida in terms of population density, is in fact rich in water resources and it is not by chance if in recent years has become a sort of magnet for anyone looking for a prosperous place to live.

Why should you move to Miami?

Firstly, a distinction should be made between the urban and commercial centre of Miami, which also extends into the peninsula, and Miami beach, the strip of land known worldwide to be one of the busiest seaside resorts in the United States.

The climate

From October to April, humidity is very low, and the dry heat creates the ideal summer temperature. The tropical climate and the possibility to swim in sea all year long certainly act as a recall for young people from around the area, although this does not constitute the main reason of a migratory phenomenon of greater proportions. In fact, many South Americans, Cuban exiles, Japanese, but also Arabs and Afro-Americans have emigrated to these lands.

The plurality of ethnicities

Multiculturalism is not only a prerogative of Miami, but of the whole Florida, which is reflected in its architecture, as well as in the culinary tradition, typically Anglo-Saxon, Hispanic, Indians and Afro. The best restaurants are the ethnic ones indeed. Japanese, Haitian, Cuban, Greek, Middle Eastern and Italian specialties can be found everywhere, thanks to the push from the different strongest communities in the area. Sometimes they blend in a peculiar, unique and exclusive cuisine.

Services and infrastructures

The vast metropolitan area, which now hosts more than two million inhabitants, offers multiple benefits to women and men of all ages. Education, health care and transport methods are accessible to everyone, in line with the needs of a cosmopolitan city. Infrastructures, efficient services, but above all a particularly developed labour market, are the factors that have determined the demographic explosion of recent years, contributing to enrich the city and consequently also domestic tourism.

Working in Miami

Work is one of the cornerstones on which American society is based. The city of Miami from this point of view represents a guarantee. Tourism and real estate market are undoubtedly the driving force of the economy in the whole metropolitan area. Thanks to the affluence of tourists who literally flood the streets of Miami Beach every year, a privileged destination for its beaches, the large number of restaurants and trendy clubs located on this thin strip of land, the entire urban settlement enjoys a good wealth.

Gym and pool condominium for everybody

Having a gym or swimming pool in your own condominium is common, and people rarely cannot afford to pay the rent. The streets are almost always tidy, without holes and with cured flower beds, the garbage is collected regularly, traffic is flowing and the interminable waiting at post offices and similar places are just a memory of the old continent. The bureaucracy is in fact reduced to the essential, in order to speed up and make effective every administrative procedure.

The Visa

The only fault-finding practice is to obtain a visa. Waiting times may vary depending on the request. The tourist visa has a duration of only three months, while the work visa and the green card offer the opportunity to settle permanently in the city. The latter documents are essential to operate on the territory and possibly start a business. All the necessary information can still be found at the Italian consulate site in Miami, in the visa section, or simply on the website of the American embassy in Italy.

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