Invest in Miami

Since several years, Miami has become one of the favourite destinations for Italian emigrants and worldwide investors. Particularly, Miami beach, with its beaches, its luxurious mansions, five stars resorts and its priceless life quality, is considered a small city with the opportunities of a great metropolis.

Economic development and innovation

What fascinates about Miami, other than its vibrating nightlife, locals, art, fashion, spacious pedestrian areas and its temperate climate, is certainly the enormous potential that is hidden in an extremely vital land, which is based upon tourism and innovation. The economic and social development of the metropolis is surely caused by the constant flux of international tourists, which, other than making Miami a trendy destination, allow the city to stay dynamic, open to the trends of the moment and consequently in step with the times.

The hotels and the conventions rooms

The busiest, richest and most prosperous area of the city is certainly South Beach, built at the beginning of 20th century and subsequently expanded during the period of economic boom. The building of the big hotels Art Decò, and of others of great luxury, known to host celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and other entrepreneurs from all around the world, increased significantly the value of the area, which was previously known only because of the high crime rates registered.

Between the most prestigious hotels and resorts in the area we cannot avoid to mention:
  1. The Hampton Inn
  2. The JW Marriott Marquis
  3. The Epic Hotel
  4. The Intercontinental
  5. The Four Season
  6. The Beaux
Multiple, are also the structures engaged to host international conferences, one of the many services usable by the world of business.


The cinematographic industry has surely contributed to the economic growth of the city, encouraging professionals and propertied to invest in the area, creating new workplaces and at the same time new touristic attractions. After Miami Vice, the police tv series which literally revolutionized the way of making TV, with its super expansive cars and the celebration of the vices inherent in the lifestyle of a gangster, other soaps that enriched the filmic landscape can be directly linked to the city:
  • Csi Miami
  • Dexter
  • Nip & Tuck
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Burn Notice, hard to die

VIP and real estate market

There are many characters of the showbusiness, Italian and non, who decided to spend their recreative stays in this tiny tongue of land of just 11 km. According to Tropicool, ( the local entity who promotes tourism, Italy is at the 4th place in the ranking of famous holidaymakers, which charmed by the Cuban atmosphere, the opulence of the place, the mansions, night clubs, the style kitch but chic at the same time opt for the famous American Riviera. Also, the Italian community resident in the city is quite notable, as currently 40 thousand individuals live in the city.

It is not a fortuity if the most qualified operators of the real estate market, point towards the flourishing market of Florida.