Lugano, with its 68,473 inhabitants, is the third largest city in the Canton of Ticino, one of the most beautiful and richest regions of Switzerland. Buying a house in Lugano or its surroundings is a choice that many would like to do for many reasons: ideal as a holiday resort, the city is enclosed by greenery, surrounded by parks, natural and artistic beauties, is also an important financial area, the nerve centre of business throughout Switzerland. Thanks to the precautionary measures introduced by the Swiss Institutions to contain the crisis and therefore the speculative bubble that ensued, the Swiss real estate market remained healthy. The manoeuvres recommended by the banks, have intensified the run to the brick and drastically reduced the risks of devaluation, increasing the value of properties instead of decreasing. A constantly increasing demand and rising prices are a guarantee for all those who intend to make a safe investment.
According to recent estimates, about 20% of the clients of the real estate agencies in Lugano are made up of Italians residing in the territory or about to move there. The greatest ferment in the market is given by the group of residents, generally interested in buying the first house or looking for a second home.

The vivacity of the market is given essentially by three fundamental elements:
  1. Different price ranges for customers with different financial potential
  2. Very convenient interest rates
  3. State incentives for the purchase of the first house
Living in Lugano can be a very stimulating experience.

Other than hosting a large number of major banks and congress centres, the city offers a multitude of entertainment. Museums, art galleries and historical monuments are distributed around the district and easily accessible thanks to the extensive network of public transportation developed in the area. Furthermore, the limited urban extension favours outdoor activities, allowing citizens to move easily on foot or by bicycle. It is not in fact necessary to be motorized to get around downtown and in the surrounding areas. For example, the funicular guarantees continuous service 16 hours per day, allowing you to reach the city centre directly from the station without having your own vehicle.
When we consider real estate agencies in Lugano, we cannot fail to mention the famous ville and the luxury houses that characterize and make the surrounding area unique. The sale of apartments in Lugano is surely a huge business, but this is a particular category, whose prices range between 1.5 and 4 Million of francs (from 1.3 to 3.5 Million Euros) which contributes to increasing the prestige of the city. Luxurious real estate solutions are present throughout the Swiss territory, but Lugano differs for its marvellous views and its priceless cultural and artistic heritage.

The city permeated with nineteenth century culture, in fact offers both ancient and modern views, hosting thousands of tourists each year. The LAC (Lugano Art and Culture) , was funded in order to enhance the cultural offer of the city through the organization of exhibitions and events, including events in form of theatres and concerts.