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€ 1,600,000
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: NA
ref. SW3 - Appartamento in vendita - Anderson Street, Chelsea, London, SW3
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: NA
€ 1,500,000
bedrooms: bathrooms: half bathrooms: 102 mq
ref. W10 - Bassett Road, North Kensington, London
bedrooms: bathrooms: half bathrooms: 102 mq
€ 1,495,000
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 124 mq
ref. sw10 - Harcourt Terrace, Chelsea, London
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 124 mq
€ 1,395,000
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 1 half bathrooms: NA
ref. W11 - Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill, London
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 1 half bathrooms: NA
€ 1,295,000
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 1,050 mq
ref. SW1V - Cumberland Street, Pimlico, London
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 1,050 mq
€ 1,675,000
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: NA
ref. SW10 - Apartment for sale - Admiral Court, Admiral Square, Chelsea Harbour, SW10
bedrooms: 2 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: NA
€ 1,075,000
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: NA
ref. w11 - Pembridge Crescent, Ladbroke Square, London, W11
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: NA
€ 1,050,000
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 116 sq.m
ref. 9121171 - 2 bedroom block of apartments for sale
bedrooms: 1 bathrooms: 2 half bathrooms: 116 sq.m

House for sale in London

Living in London

It would be limiting to define London as just the capital city of UK, as it became the neuralgic centre of Europe, both from an economic and social point of view. London is a crossroads of different cultures, ethnic groups and traditions, which, by crossing each other, colour the city, making it welcoming and inimitable under many points of view. Therefore, not just a tourist itinerary, but also a destination for entrepreneurs and students looking for work, the Great Metropolis deserves to be known in depth, offering countless opportunities to anyone who is willing to look for them. Although 2013 has confirmed the British museum and St.Paul cathedral, among the most popular tourist attractions in the city, there are many other attractions, museums, clubs and restaurants where you can spend your free time, and there are many other opportunities that could be considered as trampolines to boost one’s career in the work and business environment. In fact, there are many businessmen willing to invest their capital in an urban centre that hosts, considering only the official registers, about seven million inhabitants.

Itineraries not to be missed

For those who have only a few days to see and experience the city, we recommend a targeted tour, which includes the most popular destinations, those not to be missed. It is thinkable to concentrate on the same day, more itineraries, in order to make them coincide with culinary stops and moments of pure leisure. For those who discard the bike option, particularly popular among young people, an efficient transport network will facilitate travel, allowing you to move freely around the city at all hours of the day and night. The tourist information offices, located almost everywhere, will provide maps, brochures, and possibly useful tips to better enjoy your stay. To speed up time and help orientation, it is advisable to divide the city into five zones (Central-West-East-North-South), which in turn are fragmented into districts, 33 in total. In this text we will focus on the on the most renowned neighbourhoods of the centre, namely: Westminster, Camden, Greenwich, Kensington and Chelsea, Southwork, Tower Hamlets, Wandsworth, Islington. The so-called "City" is instead the financial heart of the city, destination for the most ambitious and enterprising visitors.

Language school

Also based upon the location, it is also possible to identify many different linguistic institutes where you can enrol, in order to become familiar with the language or simply to improve your performances, both in academic and professional fields. The intensive specialist courses for entrepreneurs are in fact increasingly widespread, able to confer the right skills, according to the required need. Being in possession of the right property of language, today is considered more than just a sufficient plus, it is an indispensable factor to establish in the world of work. Following a brief list of the most prestigious schools

  • International House of London:

    Based in the heart of London, it is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to invest in their language skills. Every year the Institute hosts about eight thousand students from over 150 countries.

  • BSC London Central

    Located near Oxford street, between the Bond Street and Backer street metro stations, it offers its students 35 classrooms, and all the material useful for learning a foreign language.

  • St George International

    General, Business or Academic English: the choice is really wide at the St George school. Also near Oxford Circus, right in the centre, it has more than fifty years of experience in the field of language teaching.

  • Embassy English London Greenwich

    Located 10 minutes away from the Greenwich walk, a passing district, frequented mostly by students and tourists in search of prestigious museums, the institute offers a variety of services, to allow students to study in optimal conditions: equipped classrooms, personal computers of the latest generations, wi-fi, multimedia libraries and cafeteria corners. The average age of the students hardly exceeds 22 years.

  • Wimbledon school

    Situated twenty minutes away from the city centre, it is located in one of the safest and richest districts of the metropolis, known primarily for the famous tennis tournament, Reliability and seriousness are the peculiarities of this school, immersed in the green of the English countryside.

  • Bloomsboory

    Accredited by the British Council, the international school based in Southampton Place has a very high educational potential. Thanks to targeted courses, it is in fact possible to increase one's career opportunities and progress quickly towards the goal set.

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