Investing in London

"London is the best city to do business". It is believed by 90% of the foreign companies, which today, consider the proximity to the markets to be the strength of the Anglo-Saxon metropolis.

The legacy of the Olympic Games

Only the 2012 Olympic games would have brought 12 Billion euros compared to the 8.7 billion pounds spent to organize them. A good deal therefore, that allowed to use a good part of the capital earned in important investments throughout the territory, while more than a billion, was moved on winter games of Sochi, in Russia. London, however, cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic, has always represented an itinerary desired by entrepreneurs and businessmen, even more than the others European capitals. It is in fact London where the most intense and obstinate business of the continent is concentrated, also thanks to the vast panorama of talented people, ready to get involved and compete at any time. In a short period of time, the British capital has become the first stock exchange in Europe, as well as an institutional, organizational and managerial seat of the first international hub of international air traffic. The legacy of the Games and consequently the income produced by the latter, therefore, constitute a marginal slice, compared to the whole cake.

What attracts investments

Surely a tradition of very open economic policy, encouraging foreign investments, has made London particularly attractive in Europe, especially in recent years marked by the economic crisis. The presence in the city of large and prestigious financial groups, the international climate, strong infrastructures and efficient services are all factors that contribute daily to the success of the metropolis, one of the few with a steadily growing GDP, the first in Europe and fifth in terms of size worldwide.

The most attractive sectors

Investing in London by buying a property is one of the most farsighted choices an investor can make. Spending one’s own money in the construction industry is currently considered the best way to ensure an economic return, both in the short term and in the long term. Recent market researches indicated that over the next two years there will be a considerable increase in the value of properties located on the territory of London, a growth that is estimated to be around 40 percent, especially in the more central districts. It is well known that urban development is important to the British people. This is demonstrated by the recent revitalization of the East End, one of the poorest and most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in London. Shopping centres, services, offices and new houses have arisen in place of the Olympic Village, offering to a large number of companies the opportunity to intervene with innovative ideas and modern projects. An interesting example of the development and strengthening of resources in the area, which keeps seducing the business world, that can also rely on the considerable presence of excellences waiting to emerge.

A cutting-edge tax policy

The reality of start-ups is constantly expanding. London seems the ideal place to start a business, invest and do business in total autonomy. The merit would be partly attributable to an expansionary fiscal policy, free from all those bureaucratic quibbles, which in Italy and in many other countries, prevent small businesses from growing and establishing themselves as a player on the market. The data that emerged from all the research conducted in recent years reveals that investing in London is worthwhile. A streamlined tax system, centrally managed by the government, and locally by local authorities, allows the majority of companies with a low average revenue, to count on more convenient tax rates proportional to their profits, and on ad hoc reductions if possible.