After the introduction of the revolutionary system of the web portals which enabled us to find much more properties for you and to select them accurately, we would like to present the new great way to purchase a house abroad: HOUSE CONNECTION.

This system will offer you much more than photographs, too static, or videos, not interactive: we will arrange a real… live appointment! You will choose when and where and your eyes will be literally inside the house or the flat you decided to visit. Your eyes and the eyes of the agent will be as one and he will show you all the details and the secrets of the house you chose to see.

You just need to sit down, relax and give us 15 minutes of your time: you will visit your future house in London, New York, Paris, Miami, Venice and, why not, in your town.

The agent will move inside the house according to your requests and everything will happen live.

Spare your time and your money but do not give up the chance to visit houses and flats in the most important and beautiful places of the world.

Enjoy your visit.

The staff of “House Connection”