The Dominican Republic is the second largest nation in the Caribbean with 48,484 sq km and almost 10 million of inhabitants. It is oneof the happiest country in the world, and whoever comes to visit it remains enchanted by its beauty, natural biodiversity, the clear blue water and the white sand beaches. The tropical climate, with an annual average of 26 degrees, makes the quality of life wanderful  and made the country earn the first place with the greatest influx of tourists in the Caribbean. Its geographical location (only 90 minutes from Miami, 3 hours from New York and four from Canada) make the country an easily accessible destination. Infact twelve million passengers have landed in 2015, and the trend of tourism is growing steadily with a 8% in 2015. Tourism now accounts for 14% of GDP.
Nine months ago a new cruise port was inaugurated in the north coast of Puerto Plata province, with a cost $ 92 million. The port is currently the most modern and largest in the island, and it has already received more than 400,000 cruise passengers.
The GDP of the Dominican Republic grew by 7.1% in 2014, recording the best result among the countries of Latin America thanks to a strong performance of tourism, manufacturing and construction.
For over 10 years we have focused the area with greater possibilities for real estate and tourism development, that is the province of Puerto Plata with its 321.597 inhabitants, nine municipalities in a 1,853 sq km area. In addition to the cruise port we have an international airport, connecting America with many daily flights and connecting Europe with various companies such as Condor, AirBerlin, Swissair, Eurowigs, etc.
Property prices are still low compared to other areas most sponsored in the past, offering thus the opportunity to make excellent investments and having a greater possibility of returns over time. We can offer properties with pre-approved mortgage and with guaranteed income between 6 and 10%.
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