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$, 22,000,000
bedrooms: 5 bathrooms: 4 half bathrooms: 369 mq
ref. Allure Residences - Allure Residences
bedrooms: 5 bathrooms: 4 half bathrooms: 369 mq
$, 28,000,000
bedrooms: 5 bathrooms: 5 half bathrooms: 1,200 mq
ref. Isla Alegre - Isla Alegre
bedrooms: 5 bathrooms: 5 half bathrooms: 1,200 mq
$, 34,000,000
bedrooms: 30 bathrooms: 30 half bathrooms: NA
ref. Suite Calle Venado - Suite Calle Venado
bedrooms: 30 bathrooms: 30 half bathrooms: NA

House for sale in Cancun

Cancun is an open door on a dream vacation. It has the latest in modern hotel facilities including clubs, bars and shopping centers within walking distance of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Cancun is a young city, like most of its residents, permanent or temporary; it was a barrier beach about thirty years ago when it began to be planned and developed to become the vacation haven of the XXI century. Now Cancun is a coastal city of medium size and a long and narrow island connected to the mainland at south and land at north by two bridges, and offers visitors hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs and world class shopping.
Cancun has something for everyone, whether it's a party on the beach all day or a quiet and secluded island.
On vacation in Cancun you will find from the ultra chic to the funk and rasta, from rap to techno and from tacos and burgers to world renowned dining. All tastes are welcome and cared for in this paradise. No wonder this is the most famous beach in Mexico

The beaches of Cancun

The new, great and stunning white sand beaches, lapped by the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, stand out as the hottest point and the main attraction of Cancun, literally and metaphorically speaking. No one can avoid enjoy it, you should not miss it. It's time to wear a bikini or a swimsuit and having fun in the sun!
Topless bathing is not a very common activity in some areas of Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Clothing is also illegal, especially in popular beaches, however, the area offers completely unspoiled places where you can be in a more intimate setting.

Zona Hotelera

Most hotels and condos are located in the Hotel Zone, which occupies the island completely. It is the area of ​​Cancun that has it all for most visitors. The Kukulcan Boulevard is the main and only road. On the west side lies the Laguna Nichupte, a huge body of water that is home to marinas, restaurants, malls, a couple of golf courses, some islands and fantastic sunsets. The island atmosphere is energized right in the middle as its beating heart; an area known as "Party Zone" offers the best clubs, bars, restaurants and shopping centers.

Cancun Downtown

With some excellent restaurants and bars and shopping malls, downtown Cancun is an option for the hype and glitz of the Hotel Zone. The atmosphere is more familiar for who lives here and everyone who makes this paradise work. The atmosphere is not only more Latin, but prices fall significantly. On vacation in Cancun your pockets will thank a visit to the center and containing the money will surely allow you to reach for more.

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