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Angri Located in the lower valley of the Sarno, among Lattari and the slopes of Vesuvius, is a major agricultural center and home to many manufacturing industries and the food industry, especially canning industry. Angri began to develop in the seventh century A. D. growing its territorial and economic consistency. The principles of the 1600 DORIA Angres obtained that the feud was erected at the beginning, from which they took the title of Princes of Angri. Thanks to this rich and powerful family in Genoa, the country figure in the history of international art in the Palazzo Doria d'omonomizzato Angri, summer home of the Doria and the splendid jewel eighteenth dynasty Doria has accompanied the life of the province of Salerno for more three centuries, it has bequeathed to the city area the gardens of Villa Doria (Villa Comunale) and Castello Doria.